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IB: Bitch Press


Check out Eden showing off her business savvy in this interview with FOX TV’s Dagen McDowell.

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In her bed. In their pajamas.brunch.html
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Eden helps us get to know the real Catherine and Heather and explains why the bitchier the better.
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Elizabeth Hendrickson takes questions and talks about her IB’s - Frankie, Maggie, Chloe and Lizzie.
Michael Logan raves that “IB isn’t just great.  It’s Sex and the City great!”TVguide.html
The Hollywood Reporter reviews IB and declares, “Well done...Bitches”
Connie Fletcher Staton explains what “dubious slut” means and why she tried to keep IB from her mom!
Entertainment Tonight Canada comes to the set of Imaginary Bitches for an exclusive behind the scenes.ETCan.html
Listen to Eden and Lizzie explain why you should never judge a bitch by her cover.
Watch internet talk show host Greg Mantell as he lifts the veil and discovers Eden’s inner bitch.
The Insider Online has picked up the IB trail with news, interviews and videos. says Imaginary Bitches is... “SATC with friends that don’t exist.”
Cher stalks Eden & Andrew and manages to get inside their house with her video camera!Ceweb.html
The absolute authority on original web shows calls IB a “bonafide summer sitebuster”
Cat Davis tries to lure Eden into her imaginary lesbian posse.
Jessalyn Gilsig Interview
Listen to Eden and Lizzie talk about the IB season finale and working with those bitches Catherine and Heather.
Find out why the U.K.’s Channel 4 thinks IB is “awesomely funny” in an exclusive interview with Eden.
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Watch Q&A with the Bitches cast then see them in the exclusive IB Players Production of “Eden Elizabeth Ensenada”RTS.html
Eden wins a 2009 Webby Award for “Best Individual Performance”
Eden talks about the freedom to kiss girls, unbutton their blouses and climb into bed with them.Curve.html
Variety discusses the Emmy’s with Bitches creator Andrew Miller.
Imaginary Bitches is nominated for 2009 Emmy Award!!SOD.html
Webby wrap up
IB gets an Official Selection in the 4th annual Independent Television Festival.
Michael Logan talks to Eden about her Imaginary Bitches Emmy nomination, Jack Black and her naked boobs.
Gillian Reagan calls IB a “hilarious, better than Sex and the City, YouTube sensation”.
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Eden talks about the creative freedom that comes with making a web series.