IB Cast: Eden Riegel

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Eden Riegel (Eden) played Bianca Montgomery on ABC’s “All My Children,” a role which garnered her a Daytime Emmy Award and four Emmy Nominations. She grew up in New York City, making her Broadway debut at age seven in Les Misérables.  She went on to perform extensively in theater, television, and film. TV appearances include “New York Undercover”, “Law and Order” and “American Dreams”. Eden can be seen in American Pie, and heard in DreamWorks’ animated film The Prince of Egypt.  She recently completed work on the upcoming Judd Apatow film The Year One starring Jack Black and Michael Cera.  Eden is married to Writer/Director Andrew Miller, and wishes he were as bossy at home as he is on set.  She thinks it’s kind of hot. 

Eden’s Awesome Official Websitehttp://edenriegel.net/