IB: Episodes

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Episode 1:
“It’s Not Easy Making Imaginary New Friends”ep1.html
Episode 2:
“The Dirtier Isn’t Always The Better”ep2.html
Episode 3:
“Where Were You When Eden Got Drunk and  Puked All Over Me and Lizzie?”ep3.html
Episode 4:
“A New Leper In The Colony”ep4.html
Episode 5:
“It’s Totally What You Think”ep5.html
Episode 6:
“Help Dr. James Help You”ep6.html
Episode 7:
“A Spiritual Bitch-Bath”ep7.html
Episode 8:
“Sexy Secret Santa”Ep8.html
Episode 9:
“Porn Star Priest”ep9.html
Episode 10:
“Imaginary Bridezilla”ep10.html
Episode 11:
“Only Crazy Girls Quife”ep11.html
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Get the song!music.html
Episode 12:
“Three Bitches Is An Imaginary Crowd” (part one)Ep12.html
Episode 13:
“Three Bitches Is An Imaginary Crowd” (conclusion)Ep13.html