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IB Cast: Michael Traynor

Michael Traynor (Waiter Guy) Having had a long association with all things imaginary (i.e. all of his past girlfriends and most childhood pets), Michael is acutely aware of the potential pain caused by an imagination gone bad, and is just tickled to be among the brave pioneers bringing attention to this horrible affliction. While it is only now dawning on Michael that IMAGINARY BITCHES is not, in truth, a series chronicling the tragi-comic misadventures of one waiter's search for love and meaning in the big city (ha, ha very funny, Andrew! Dick.), his pride and faith in this series' ability to reach out and help those in need is unending...well, goes on for quite a while...really, he's just happy he got the gig.

Michael can also been seen in leading roles in the features CRY FUNNY HAPPY (Sundance Film Festival), A NECESSARY DEATH (SXSW Film Festival), and in the upcoming feature A PERFECT GETAWAY (Relativity Media/MGM). In addition, he has done numerous sketch shows at The Second City in Los Angeles, has been a script doctor for high profile video game titles, and has an unparalleled love of gingerbread....mmmm, fresh, fresh gingerbread.

Long live those Imaginary Bitches---and remember, friends, just because you can't see them...that doesn't mean it hurts any less when they leave you for another man."